I was born in 1969 in Beiruit and am of Armenian descent. My parents moved us to the USA when I was 2 years old and settled in the Boston area. I am an avid Boston Bruins Hockey and New England Patriots Football fan. Yup...between the Patriots (3 time Super Bowl Champs) and the Red Sox (World Series Champs), things have been prrrretty good here in Beantown! As mentioned before, photography and computers are my two most favorite hobbies.

I stay connected to my Armenian heritage by being involved in the Armenian community, which is quite large in the Boston area. I am the volunteer webmaster and photographer for the Sayat Nova Dance Company of Boston, a non-profit Armenian dance company. You can see all the pictures I've taken by going to their site.


I didn't grow an interest in photography until about 1998. In fact, I used to poke fun at my dad and his clunky cameras. I wanted a "point-n-shoot". I didn't want to bother with that "f-stop stuff". Well, I got my wish: I bought an Olympus Stylus point-n-shoot camera and took it on my honeymoon to Aruba with me. Somewhere in Aruba, I got bit by an exotic bug known as the "Photography Bug". I really enjoyed taking pictures! It was FUN! Then, true to my obsessive self, I became interested in improving my pictures. The obsession followed its natural course to all my current equipment.

I do all sorts of photography;  people pictures, sunsets/sunrises, animals, macro, flowers and nature scenics, action and sports, especially hockey, but what I enjoy the most are candid/portrait type photography, nature/scenics and macro photography of all sorts. I have a fascination with old stone churches and castles, although there are no castles here, and I love to photograph them. Maybe it's because many churches are built with tall steeples and look majestic. Lately I've been doing a lot of portrait type photography. People I know are asking me to do photo shoots with them. I'm really enjoying that. If I had more volunteers, I would do more photo-shoots. If you want to do a shoot, let me know.


Nikon Logo I've switched brands! I bought a Nikon D200 with 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S DX lens and SB-800 flash. More lenses will be on the way. It was a difficult decision for me to leave Minolta, but it was time to move. My Maxxum 7D camera malfunctioned and could not be fixed after four attempts. Sony refunded my money. I did not want to buy the Sony A-100, so I decided to switch to Nikon. I haven't totally left, though. I still have my Maxxum 7 Film camera with Minolta 50mm f/1.7 and Sigma 17-35 lenses and my 3500xi flash. In fact, I don't think of myself as leaving Minolta - I'm leaving Sony!

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